How Can User Feedback Be Integrated into Content Creation by a Content Strategist?

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    Can you provide an example of how you've successfully integrated user feedback into your content creation process?

    In the digital age, integrating user feedback into content creation is crucial for engagement and growth. We've gathered insights from professionals, including content managers and ecommerce business owners on this topic. From listening to user pain points to direct strategy to revamping workout videos based on feedback, discover four strategies that have proven successful for these experts.

    • Content Strategy from User Pain Points
    • ChatGPT Synthesizes Customer Feedback
    • Structured User Feedback Analysis
    • Revamping Workout Videos Based on Feedback

    Content Strategy from User Pain Points

    Recently, we asked our users about their most significant pain points during feedback calls. We have also made it a point to monitor what initial users found challenging when using our partner management platform, Partnero, or launching their own partner program.

    Our customers found it difficult to understand the legality of launching a partner program and had not found a reliable resource for legal templates online. While users are still encouraged to seek legal counsel, we were able to adjust our content strategy to include these resources in our content creation process.

    Now, whenever we write a blog or create a tutorial, we refer to a bank of insights—not problems!—to guide us on our next content asset in our content creation process. Competitor analysis is also important, but our goal is to ensure that our content delivers value to our users. That matters more to us than simply churning out more content than our competition.

    Nicole Lee
    Nicole LeeContent Manager, Remote Company

    ChatGPT Synthesizes Customer Feedback

    At our agency, we have employed ChatGPT to help us synthesize customer feedback in several different areas of the business, but most significantly in content creation.

    Our methodology is to take exported customer reviews and form submissions from a 90-day time period and upload those customer messages directly to ChatGPT. We then prompt ChatGPT to provide a list of pain points and frequently asked questions that we then use to create content that can go into all digital marketing efforts, including FAQ pages for the website, more detailed social posts, and personalized review responses. We've seen positive traffic signals and engagement improvements since we started this process.

    Katie Stone
    Katie StoneSEO Lead, Leadhub

    Structured User Feedback Analysis

    To integrate user feedback into content creation, I follow a structured approach. I begin by taking detailed notes during user feedback sessions, which are then categorized into broad themes or “tags” in Airtable.

    After conducting several interviews, these tags allow for a visual analysis similar to quantitative data analysis. This method helps identify recurring themes across users, translating subjective feedback into actionable insights for more targeted and effective content creation.

    John Cammidge
    John CammidgeGoogle Advertising Expert, John Cammidge Consultants

    Revamping Workout Videos Based on Feedback

    At Total Shape, we value our users' feedback immensely, and it plays a pivotal role in shaping our content. One notable example involves our workout video series. We initially had a set format, but after receiving feedback from our users, we realized they were looking for more variety and shorter, focused routines.

    In response, we revamped our video content strategy by introducing diverse workout formats and incorporating shorter, targeted exercises. We also started addressing specific user requests for exercises that targeted particular muscle groups. This not only kept our users engaged but also ensured that our content was more tailored to their needs. It's an ongoing process, and we continue to encourage feedback to refine and enhance our offerings.

    James Cunningham
    James CunninghamSenior Coach, Total Shape