What Are Ways Social Media Enhances Content Marketing Strategies for a Content Strategist?

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    How have you used social media to complement and boost your content marketing efforts?

    In the digital age, social media is an invaluable ally to content marketing, and to uncover the most effective strategies, we've gathered insights from ten professionals including SEO Consultants and Digital Marketing Managers. They share their experiences, from amplifying content reach on social media to tailoring content to each platform, providing a comprehensive look at how to enhance your content marketing efforts.

    • Amplify Content Reach on Social Media
    • Generate Leads With LinkedIn Content
    • Repurpose Content Across Social Platforms
    • Engage Audience With Shareable Content
    • Consider ROI Before Prioritizing Social Media
    • Use Social Media for Content Distribution
    • Boost Brand Visibility With Engaging Posts
    • Plan for Consistent Social Media Engagement
    • Drive Traffic With Targeted Social Ads
    • Curate Visual Stories on Instagram

    Amplify Content Reach on Social Media

    In my experience as a Content Marketing Expert, effectively integrating social media into the content marketing strategy of my clients has significantly enhanced their outreach and audience engagement. Here's how:

    Amplifying reach: Businesses can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to share links to articles, blogs, and infographics. This strategy extends their content's visibility beyond the website, engaging a wider audience. Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite are invaluable for scheduling and ensuring a consistent online presence.

    Interactive feedback: Businesses can transform their social posts into engaging conversations by asking thought-provoking questions related to their content. This approach not only boosts engagement but also provides insightful feedback, helping them refine their content to better match their audience's interests.

    Crowdsourcing content ideas: Social media is a goldmine for content inspiration. By engaging with their audience and inquiring about their interests and challenges, businesses can gather ideas that directly inform their content calendar, ensuring their content is both relevant and appealing.

    Building community: Social media efforts should be focused on creating a community around a brand. This can foster a space where followers not only consume content but actively engage, contributing ideas and discussions that enhance brand loyalty.

    Adaptive learning: The ever-changing landscape of social media keeps us adaptive. We can constantly learn from trends, tweak our strategy, and experiment with different content forms and messaging.

    In summary, social media is a pivotal component of a content marketing strategy, by extending our reach, enriching audience interaction, and continually shaping our approach based on real-time insights.

    Sara Borghi
    Sara BorghiSEO Consultant & Senior SEO Strategist at Oncrawl, Sara Borghi

    Generate Leads With LinkedIn Content

    My content strategy is based purely on social media content, specifically with LinkedIn, and it gets me leads every month. Here's what I do:

    I create a post that goes live every weekday and at least two of the posts are videos. The rest are text posts and image posts. Every so often, I'll promote a piece of long-form content, such as a webinar, where I go deeper into my methodologies with interested prospects.

    This method has helped me book an incredibly healthy amount of qualified leads who are ready to buy. It works well because 1) video is proven to build trust faster than any other medium, and 2) creating regular content allows me to show up in my followers' feeds so that I stay top of mind.

    Justin Vajko
    Justin VajkoFounder & CEO, Dialog

    Repurpose Content Across Social Platforms

    Social media is the perfect place to repurpose content-marketing materials! Because of the variety of social media channels, it's doubtful that all consumers are seeing every piece of content you're producing on every channel simultaneously.

    Since each social media algorithm differs, you can repurpose content and share it across channels at varying times without overloading your audience. The variety in content types on social media also lends itself to the repurposing and re-sharing of content-marketing materials.

    You can take one blog post or one ad campaign and turn it into different social media posts—like carousel images, static posts, short-form video content, long-form video content, Pinterest pins, and so much more. Social media gives you the power to take one piece of content and turn it into 100+ different pieces of content.

    Chelsea Evans-Flower
    Chelsea Evans-FlowerOwner, Scott Social

    Engage Audience With Shareable Content

    There are many ways we have leveraged social media to boost content marketing efforts. A few strategies we have used include:

    - Developing content that is visually appealing, informative, and easily shareable. This can include infographics, memes, and short videos.

    - Researching and using relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your content. You can also create branded hashtags for your campaigns to encourage user-generated content.

    - Engaging by responding to comments, messages, and mentions promptly. Encouraging these conversations helps to build relationships with your audience.

    - Hosting contests or giveaways that require participants to engage with your content, share posts, or tag friends boosts engagement and expands reach.

    - Use live video on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to interact with your audience in real time. You can conduct Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, or behind-the-scenes looks.

    - Partnering with influencers to amplify content. Influencers can help you reach a wider audience and provide credibility to your brand.

    - Investing in visually appealing content, including high-quality images and videos, helps to grab attention and is more likely to be shared.

    - If your target audience is in the B2B space, focus on LinkedIn. You can do this by sharing thought leadership articles and company updates while participating in relevant groups.

    Remember to track your performance to understand what content resonates best with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly. Consistency and authenticity are critical when using social media to boost your content marketing efforts.

    Elyse Flynn Meyer
    Elyse Flynn MeyerOwner & Founder, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

    Consider ROI Before Prioritizing Social Media

    For smaller content-marketing departments, I'd put social media low on the priority list. It's best utilized as a channel if an organization already has a pretty large following, in which case, it becomes a strong distribution channel.

    However, building a social media following as part of a content marketing strategy usually has a very low ROI in several ways.

    Josue Ledesma
    Josue LedesmaWriter and Content Marketer, JAL Creative Services

    Use Social Media for Content Distribution

    The distribution of content is almost more important than the content itself. If we write a great blog post, sure, hopefully, it ranks organically, but we want our customers and our audience to see it, so we'll normally share it on social media.

    Occasionally, we'll create a YouTube video on the same topic for those who prefer to watch a video instead of reading, and we'll often also send it out in a marketing email, i.e., “Hey, check out this article on XYZ.”

    John Frigo
    John FrigoeCommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

    Boost Brand Visibility With Engaging Posts

    At Startup House, we've leveraged social media to supercharge our content marketing game. We understand social media is not just a platform for sharing cute cat videos (although we love those, too!).

    It's a powerful tool to connect with our audience and amplify our content. We've created engaging and shareable content that resonates with our target market, and then we've strategically promoted it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    By using eye-catching visuals, catchy captions, and relevant hashtags, we've been able to grab the attention of our followers and drive traffic to our website. We've also encouraged user-generated content by running contests and giveaways, which boosts our brand visibility and creates a sense of community among our followers.

    If you want to complement and boost your content marketing efforts, don't underestimate the power of social media—it's like rocket fuel for your content!

    Alex Stasiak
    Alex StasiakCEO & Founder, Startup House

    Plan for Consistent Social Media Engagement

    I've found that integrating social media into content marketing requires careful planning and active engagement. I ensure a seamless connection between our content calendar and social media schedule to maintain a consistent brand presence.

    Actively sharing content across relevant social platforms, engaging with our audience through comments and messages, and utilizing targeted advertising are strategies I've employed. Tracking analytics is crucial for understanding the impact of social media on content reach and engagement, allowing for agile adjustments to optimize performance.

    I've learned that integrating social media into content marketing is a dynamic and valuable approach, amplifying visibility and fostering connections with our audience.

    Henry Allen
    Henry AllenDigital Marketing Manager, Loyalty Lion

    Drive Traffic With Targeted Social Ads

    Social media, when used correctly, can be a game-changer for content marketing. For instance, I recall a time when we had crafted an in-depth article about the future of technology. It was well-researched and informative, but we needed to ensure it reached the right audience.

    So, we turned to social media. We carved out bite-sized insights from the article, each one intriguing and thought-provoking. These snippets served as teasers, sparking curiosity and interest in our followers. Each post directed the audience back to the full article on our website.

    But we didn't stop there. We leveraged the power of targeted ads to reach tech enthusiasts and professionals who would find our content most useful. Our engagement rates soared, and so did the traffic to our website.

    That's the power of social media. It's not just about posting content; it's about creating conversations, engaging with your audience, and driving them to your platform. The trick is to keep your content interesting and relevant and let social media do the rest.

    Swena Kalra
    Swena KalraChief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

    Curate Visual Stories on Instagram

    In the fashion world, where innovation and visuals reign, platforms like Instagram are indispensable. Here, I don't just post images; I curate a visual story of my journey, blending art with technology. Each post is a piece of narrative, showcasing not just fashion but the future as I see it.

    I treat these platforms as interactive galleries. They're where I test new ideas, gauge reactions, and connect with an audience that's as passionate about tech-infused fashion as I am. The direct feedback I get is gold—it shapes my projects and fuels my creativity. Social media has not just complimented my marketing; it's a part of my creative process and brand growth.

    Snezhana Paderina
    Snezhana PaderinaArt Director, CG Cinematics Director, expert and innovator in the field of fashion and technology, SNEZHANA.NYC