What Strategies Help Content Leaders Stay Ahead of Algorithm Changes?

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    What Strategies Help Content Leaders Stay Ahead of Algorithm Changes?

    In the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization, staying on top of algorithm changes is crucial for success. We've gathered insights from seven SEO experts, including a Digital Process Innovation Lead and a CEO, on navigating these shifts effectively. From embracing flexibility and continuous learning to aligning with Google's long-term objectives, discover how these professionals keep their SEO campaigns at the forefront.

    • Embrace Flexibility and Continuous Learning
    • Combine On-Page SEO with Authority Building
    • Focus on Google's Core Tenets
    • Adhere to Time-Tested SEO Fundamentals
    • Satisfy Readers and Cover Ranking Factors
    • Prioritize Content That Engages Customers
    • Align with Google's Long-Term Objectives

    Embrace Flexibility and Continuous Learning

    Staying ahead of algorithm changes in SEO is akin to navigating a constantly shifting landscape. In my dual role as the Head of Digital Process Innovation at SAFC and a freelance SEO specialist, I've developed a proactive approach that emphasizes flexibility, continuous learning, and strategic foresight. One specific campaign that stands out involved a comprehensive content overhaul for a client whose online visibility was significantly impacted by a major search engine update.

    The key to our success was twofold: first, maintaining a pulse on SEO trends and algorithm updates through reputable industry sources; and second, implementing an agile content strategy that could quickly adapt to these changes. We focused on producing high-quality, relevant content that served the user's intent, rather than chasing the algorithm. This meant investing in thorough keyword research, optimizing for semantic search, and enhancing the overall user experience on the site.

    Moreover, we adopted a data-driven approach, closely monitoring key performance indicators to gauge the impact of our adjustments in real-time. This allowed us to iterate rapidly, making informed decisions that aligned with the evolving search landscape.

    In essence, staying ahead of algorithm changes demands a commitment to continuous improvement and an openness to evolve strategies as necessary. This mindset, coupled with a deep understanding of SEO fundamentals and a keen eye on future trends, has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of search engine algorithms successfully.

    Seve Paulo Linis
    Seve Paulo LinisDigital Process Innovation Head, SAFC

    Combine On-Page SEO with Authority Building

    Staying ahead of algorithm changes requires a combination of sound on-page SEO, blocking and tackling, and authority building through content and link-building. Having a website that is easy for Google to crawl and index, with proper titles, descriptions, URLs, and page structure (H1, H2, H3, etc.), goes a long way. You need to also make sure that your pages load quickly and score high with Google's Core Web Vitals. You also need legitimate business pages like a 'Contact Us,' 'Privacy Policy,' 'Terms,' 'About,' etc.

    The other big factor for staying ahead of algorithm changes is to already have solid keyword rankings and a good foundation of link-building. Link-building will help build authority to your various pages, as well as to the domain overall. This, in turn, results in your site ranking for more and more keywords, better and better over time. What also helps is that other sites will start to reference and link to you naturally once you are high enough on page 1 for certain keywords.

    Miguel Salcido
    Miguel SalcidoCEO, Founder, Organic Media Group

    Focus on Google's Core Tenets

    To stay ahead of algorithms, you need to look at the big picture. What direction is Google moving in as a business? If you've been paying attention, you knew that Google has been mulling over AI (and using it in search results) well before the most recent updates. You can also take a long-view and look at the core tenets of Google's algorithm. They have, since the very beginning, always focused on high-quality content, user-friendly websites, and high-quality, relevant backlinks. I've kept those at the core of all my SEO strategies, and it's helped my clients persevere through algorithm updates over and over.

    Liam Carnahan
    Liam CarnahanSEO and Content Strategist, Founder, Inkwell Content & SEO Services

    Adhere to Time-Tested SEO Fundamentals

    Staying ahead of algorithm changes is really just following a standard set of fundamentals that have stood the test of time. If you are trying to trick or game Google, you have a ticking time bomb waiting for the next algorithm update to suppress the techniques you are leveraging. The best technique is just to help clients produce the best quality web publication they can. This often revolves around content and quality audits and improvements, as well as other SEO fundamentals that haven't changed over time. If you consider SEO from this perspective, your goals and Google's goals are not diametrically opposed, and you will have much better longevity with your SEO campaigns.

    Trevor Stolber
    Trevor StolberAgency Owner, STOLBER Digital

    Satisfy Readers and Cover Ranking Factors

    By producing content that genuinely aims to satisfy the reader, with the exception of ranking factors, you don't have to worry about algorithm changes. To address potential issues with changes in ranking factors, such as the value of links, you must cover all bases and give your full effort to each ranking factor. There aren't really that many to manage.

    Jason Vaught
    Jason VaughtPresident, 805 SEO

    Prioritize Content That Engages Customers

    We focus more on the SEO essentials that have worked for decades. Find topics your customers care about and write good content around them. That's worked well for us and our clients, and we expect it to continue working to stay ahead of the next algorithm updates.

    Isaac Hammelburger
    Isaac HammelburgerFounder, Search Pros

    Align with Google's Long-Term Objectives

    To stay ahead of algorithm changes in SEO campaigns, I've focused on understanding Google's long-term objectives, particularly their emphasis on user experience and the increasing role of machine learning in search. Recognizing that Google aims to deliver the most relevant, high-quality content to users, I've prioritized creating comprehensive, user-focused content that addresses the intent behind search queries.

    Harry Boxhall
    Harry BoxhallShopify SEO Expert, Swirl SEO