Why Do Certain Pieces of Evergreen Content Perform Well Consistently?

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    Why Do Certain Pieces of Evergreen Content Perform Well Consistently?

    Evergreen content stands the test of time, continuing to engage and attract audiences long after its initial publication. We've gathered insights from a Senior Content Strategist and other leaders to understand what makes certain content timeless. From a guide to a famous dog Instagram to the ultimate home-buying guide, discover the top four pieces of content that have proven their enduring value.

    • Guide to a Famous Dog Instagram
    • Free Animation Rig Tutorial Success
    • SEO Guide Draws Consistent Traffic
    • Ultimate Home-Buying Guide Remains Relevant

    Guide to a Famous Dog Instagram

    One piece of evergreen content that has consistently performed well for us is a blog post titled 'How to Have a Successful Dog Instagram: A Guide to Making Your Dog Famous.' This content piece was written two years ago and is consistently one of our top-viewed pages. The reason this piece of evergreen content is so successful is that it plays into the various interests of our audience. The guide covers creating a posting schedule, videos versus photos, what to focus on, the benefits of hashtags, promotional versus entertaining content, and how we can help.

    People love their pets, and there are countless pet owners who have created Instagram pages for their furry friends, so this blog has become a resource for them while subtly plugging how we can help you achieve your Dog Instagram goals. Evergreen content should not be overly promotional or on a trend, but rather a topic that spans different demographics and provides actionable steps, examples, and insights. Plus, a successful dog account could help the owners make additional income, which is always an added benefit to include in your content. Overall, successful evergreen content that withstands the test of time must be funny, insightful, helpful, and new. Plus, who doesn't love dogs?

    Jordan Figueredo
    Jordan FigueredoSenior Content Strategist, Online Optimism

    Free Animation Rig Tutorial Success

    One evergreen piece of content that has worked extremely well for me is a free bouncing-ball animation rig and tutorial I posted on my animation education blog. I created a simple ball rig with squash-and-stretch controls that beginning animators could download for free.

    I wanted to provide a resource that removed barriers for new students who might not have 3D modeling or rigging skills yet. Along with the download, I wrote a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use the controls to make the ball deform, squash, stretch, and bounce.

    This combination of a free resource and clear tutorial has led to consistent performance over the years. Animation fundamentals stay relevant even as software updates. By letting newcomers immediately jump into practicing core principles like timing and exaggeration, the tutorial fills an educational need.

    Years later, I still see a steady flow of downloads, shares, and positive comments. Making something usable for self-learners that also builds their skills generates lasting value, and everyone loves a freebie! It allows beginners to grasp key concepts right away without cost; this content continues to attract animators and drive traffic over time and explains its evergreen success.

    David Mattock
    David MattockAnimator / Motion designer / Educator, Animator Artist Life

    SEO Guide Draws Consistent Traffic

    Our 'Ultimate Guide to SEO' is a content powerhouse, consistently drawing traffic and engagement. Its success lies in its timeless strategies and fundamental teachings that transcend fleeting trends. People trust it as a definitive resource—it's comprehensive, easy to understand, and actionable. SEO changes, but the basics remain solid, and that's what we've captured. It's the content that keeps on giving.

    Casey Jones
    Casey JonesFounder, Head of Marketing, CJ&CO

    Ultimate Home-Buying Guide Remains Relevant

    One evergreen piece of content that has consistently performed well for us is our "Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Home." This comprehensive guide covers everything from understanding mortgage rates to navigating the closing process.

    I think it's successful because it addresses a common pain point for many potential homebuyers: feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the home-buying process. By providing clear, step-by-step guidance in an easy-to-understand format, we're able to establish ourselves as trusted experts in the field.

    Plus, the guide is evergreen because the fundamentals of buying a home remain relatively consistent over time. While market conditions may change, the basic steps involved in purchasing a property remain largely unchanged. So, our guide continues to be relevant and valuable to new audiences year after year.

    Samantha Odo
    Samantha OdoReal Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager, Precondo